5 Reasons to walk your dog

Walking can improve the mental and physical health of both human and dog. We know this but sometimes make up excuses why we cannot walk our dog. If we make it fun and throw on our favorite music, or podcast then we can create a positive experience for us make it more likely we will walk our dog again. 

A fun motivational tip is to listen to a particular playlist, book, or podcast while on that walk so you look forward to the walks and dedicate that for only your dog walks. Here are more motivation tips from FitBark a GPS and Fit Tracking collar for your dog. (genius)

The CDC recommends walking about 20 minutes a day and this is great for dogs too depending on their age, and the weather. Even if you walk your dog for 10 minutes, that is better than no walk, righ? My motto is keep it simple and allow for flexibility without judgment. 

Reasons Why You Should Walk Your Dog:

1. Strengthen you bond AKA (My dog listens to me.)
2. Added mental stimulation to your dog’s life
3. Reducing blood pressure for you and your dog
4. Increasing your energy levels
5. Weight loss for you and your dog

Person walking a dog on a loose blue leash.
Happy dog

Varying the types of walks you can take with your dog can serve as enriching exercises and prevent behavior problems displayed by your dog.

  • Sniffy Walks
  • Decompression Walks
  • Structured Walks
  • Training Walks
  • Potty Break Walks

Teaching your dog various cues for the walks mentioned above will help add predictability.

Like babies, dogs thrive on predictability .

Allowing your dog to offer the behaviors taught can provide your dog with the power of choice and empower them!

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Empowering your dog, strengthens your bond and results in better communication and a responsive dog who listens to you.

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