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Fetch Worthy customer Joanna & family.

Fetch Worthy has been helping me with my very large, sweet, but a hot mess of a German Shepard pup, Sky. I needed a dog walker because Sky is hard to walk, and knew we needed to enroll in the Walk + Train program. She was able to connect with her right away, which is hard since my dogs can be fearful of strangers in the house. Sky has improved her leash walking manners, focusing on me and our walk together without pulling without the use of aversive walking equipment. I’m very pleased with Shelly’s guidance.

I’ve also used her as a pet sitter for my three dogs, and she was INCREDIBLE. The daily summaries we got were a few paragraphs long, and we arrived at least a dozen photographs each day of our dogs. We were gone over Christmas but were not charged anything extra and also got a lovely card when we returned from our trip. 🙂 Fetch Worthy goes above and beyond to serve their customers. They love their jobs! I highly recommend Shelly Haines and the Fetch Worthy team!

Joanna C.
Daniella S.: Fetch Worthy Client

We have two rescue dogs, a 6 year-old Shar Pei named Oso, who has always pulled during the first 10-15 minutes of our walks, and a 2 year-old Shepherd mix named Stevi, who likes to walk in a zig zag, and comes from at least two generations of feral street dogs (we even joke that she may be part coyote, lol). Needless to say, it became nearly impossible to take them out for walks without them pulling and barking at everything. They were difficult  to walk without pulling on my arm.  We were almost ready to give up, then we started the Walk + Train Program with Shelly Haines, founder of Fetch Worthy.

Did I mention yet that they both love her, and get SO excited and happy when they see her car in front of our house? She’s teaching them how to walk politely on leash, which is called loose leash training through force-free dog training. They’ve learned several manners like wait, leave it, sit, and place. The way she explains things is easy to understand which has taught us how to communicate better with our dogs. We are becoming more confident and knowledgeable in dog training knowing how to reinforce the behaviors we want. Shelly has been such a good resource helping us understand and implement canine enrichment plans. We trust her with our dogs’ training, care and well-being.

I have been a caretaker of dogs, cats, rabbits, fish and birds throughout my life, and honestly I have learned more from Shelly this summer than I have my whole life. It is amazing to see our fur kids flourish, and we are so grateful to Shelly for her knowledge, dedication and the endless loving care she puts in each and every time with our whole family. 

Daniella S.

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