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Black and white five month old puppy.

Shelly Haines has worked wonders with our puppy. She helped with potty training and then onto sit, down, stay and loose leash walking. Her suggestions and training on all of these have been so insightful and helpful. Shelly has taught us how our puppy thinks in order to help him become the wonderful companion we want him to be. I highly recommend Shelly and her company, Fetch Worthy!

Sharron Q.
Lauren H. and Honey Review of Fetch Worthy Clients

Shelly has helped my family raise our puppy, Honey (a mini goldendoodle), from scratch! She has coached us through everything from crate training and puppy biting to greeting new people and walking on a leash. We are thankful that she stressed socialization and introduction of stimuli at such a young age with our pup. Aside from the helpful in-person training sessions, Shelly provides helpful resources to check out and follows-up on questions and concerns whenever we have them. Overall, Shelly is a very patient and understanding trainer that is very professional and fun to work with!

Lauren H.
Fetch worthy dog training client review and their dogs
Oso & Stevie

We have two rescue dogs, a 6 year-old Shar Pei named Oso, who has always pulled durings our walks, and a 2 year-old Shepherd mix named Stevi, who likes to walk in a zig zag fashion. It became nearly impossible to take them out for walks without them pulling my arm and barking at everything. Did I mention yet that they both love her? The way she explains things is easy to understand. We are becoming more confident and knowledgeable in dog training. We trust her with our dogs’ training, care and well-being.

Daniella S.
Our client Holly H. and their reviews of Fetch Worthy Dog Training.

We desperately needed some help with our puppy, Ferguson and Fetch Worthy has been incredible. We are first-time dog owners and Shelly has helped us so much with getting him under control (as much as you can with a puppy!) She is always sending us emails with resources and homework which has been so helpful. She truly cares about our pup and has been so caring and loving with him. It’s scary to trust someone with your family member, but with Shelly it’s easy. So glad we found her!

Holly H.
Joanna C. & Family: Fetch Worthy Clients
Customer Joanna

Fetch Worthy has been helping me with my very large, sweet, but a hot mess of a German Shepard pup, Sky. I needed a dog walker because Sky is hard to walk, and knew we needed to enroll in the Walk + Train program. She was able to connect with her right away, which is hard since my dogs can be fearful of strangers in the house. Sky has improved her leash walking manners, focusing on me and our walk together without pulling without the use of aversive walking equipment. I’m very pleased with Shelly’s guidance. I highly recommend Shelly Haines!

Joanna C.

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