Dog Training in Austin
by Shelly Haines

Helping People Raise A Well-Behaved Dog

Certified dog trainer Shelly Haines and Kai the Golden Lab (@kai_the_goldenlab on Instagram)

Training Dogs and People in South Austin and Virtually Nationwide

Certified, Insured, and Recommended

Shelly Haines is the owner of Fetch Worthy, a dog training business in Austin. She’s a certified dog trainer through the Victoria Stilwell Academy (VSA-CDT), graduating in August 2021.

Our Dog Training Method

Reward-based dog training rooted in science without the use of force, pain, fear, or intimidation. Individualized training plans are designed to strengthen the human-animal bond, teach clear communication, and bring harmony back into the pet home.

Our Mission

Enhance the human-animal bond using positive dog training methods. Teach, train and empower humans how to stop unwanted behaviors and focus on preventative proactive dog training strategies. ​Commit to the safety of every human and animal involved. Lead with integrity in how we operate and communicate. Function as a reliable dog training and behavior resource for the community. Contribute to the advancement of the dog training industry.

Dog Training Programs

Dog ready to go for a walk!

Private Lessons

Private dog training lessons in your home, or at a designated location where I teach you how to train your dog.

A great choice for families, behavior-specific issues in the home, or at locations.

Two dogs running together.

Day Training /Socialization

This service for current clients is performed at your home, at mine, or at a location where I train your dog.

For dogs that benefit from a “training boost” and socialization for the busy owner.

Cute Corgi in front of a laptop

Online Lessons

I teach you how to train your dog in the convenience of your own home. A proven way to enhance training results.

A popular option for shy dogs, during the pandemic, those with time constraints, or for specific behavior issues.

What is the Positive Reinforcement Method?

With so much easily accessible misinformation, it can be tough to tell how or why something appears to work. Don’t believe everything you see on TV or and social media. Many trainers use old and outdated techniques.

Positive dog training is rooted in science

Using evidence-based studies and research.

Training should feel good and be fun for both humans and canines.

There is no need for stressful corrections, physical punishment, or barbaric equipment and when used, most often there’s negative fallout. This is avoidable by going at the dog’s pace and using evidence-based techniques.