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by Shelly Haines

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Helping You Raise A Well-Behaved Dog
The Humane Way

Victoria Stilwell and Shelly Haines.
Shelly and Victoria Stilwell, a world-renowned dog trainer best known from the TV hit series “It’s Me or the Dog” on Discovery Plus.

Training Dogs and People in South Austin and Virtually Nationwide

Certified, Insured, and Recommended

Shelly Haines is the owner of Fetch Worthy, a dog training business in Austin. She’s a professional certified dog trainer through the Victoria Stilwell Academy (VSA-CDT) in-person track. Her training methods are focused on communicating with your dog, not controlling and dominating them.

Our Dog Training Method

Reward-based dog training is rooted in the psychology of learning without the use of force, pain, fear, or intimidation. Individualized training plans are designed to strengthen the human-animal bond, teach clear communication, and bring harmony back into the pet home. If you’re committed to creating helping your dog be happier and well-behaved, we’re committed to helping you reach those goals.

Training Offered

From common behavior problems to raising a new puppy, our plans are results-based based on your training goals, but regardless this process will help you build a better relationship with your dog. In-person and online private lessons for obedience, jumping, nipping, barking, lunging, leash pulling, potty training, chewing, coming when called, leash reactivity, mouthing, over-excited greetings, crate training, new dog introductions, stranger danger, anxieties, noise phobias separation anxiety, and car anxiety.

Dog Training Programs

Golden Retriever Dog ready to go for a train!

Private Lessons

Changing behavior begins with a private lesson, either at your Austin home or designated Austin location, that’s customized to your dog’s needs and training goals. Use real-world training opportunities to practice new skills.

Best choice for families with kids, multiple behavior issues, leash pulling, reactivity, and clients that prefer a one on one experience. Lessons are $145, or less with a training package.

A puppy chasing a ball. Shelly can help you train your puppy!

Puppy Training

*For puppies from 8 weeks to 6 months old.

No one wants to have an unruly adult dog. Take a proactive approach. Learn how to train your puppy the best way possible. Learn how to introduce your dog to new stimuli in a positive way that doesn’t create problems later.

The first 16 weeks are the most critical for training. Puppy training includes socialization, crate & potty training, basic cues, handling, leash walking, and dealing with puppy behavior issues like nipping, jumping, and chewing.

Cute Corgi in front of a laptop

Online Lessons

Often changing behavior is done in your own home. Many behavior problems do not have to be “seen in person.” These affordable lessons help solve immediate issues, like potty training, barking, separation anxiety, or single behavior concerns.

If you’re outside Austin, out of state, have a dog in medical recovery, shy, anxious, or fearful dog this option is for you. Lessons are $90, with training plans.

Read What Our
Clients Are Saying

Shelly is amazing! After just 3 training sessions with our large breed, unruly rescue dog, we have already seen major improvements in Leo’s behavior.

Edy Chamness

FetchWorthy uses positive reinforcement training with pups and it is a very refreshing way to train v the old-school stern way of treating dogs. […Shelly] came up with a solid plan to teach Daisy skills that would bolster her confidence.

Linda Brown

We are first time dog owners and Shelly has helped us so much with getting him under control […] She is always sending us emails with resources and homework which has been so helpful. She truly cares about our pup and has been so caring and loving with him.

Holly Hicks

Service Area

We provide service in and near Austin neighborhoods including:

  • Barton Hills
  • Bear Creek
  • Bee Cave
  • Bluff Springs
  • Circle C Ranch
  • Easton Park
  • East Side
  • Oak Hill & Villages of Western Oak
  • Onion Creek
  • Rollingwood
  • Shady Hollow
  • South Austin
  • Southpark Meadows
  • Sunset Valley
  • Travis Heights
  • Zilker …and more.

Other locations are available on-demand travel fee applies.

What is the Positive Reinforcement Method?

With so much easily accessible misinformation, it can be tough to tell how or why something appears to work. Don’t believe everything you see on TV or social media. Many trainers use old and outdated techniques.

Positive dog training is rooted in science using evidence-based studies and research.

There is no need for stressful corrections, physical punishment, or barbaric equipment and when used, most often there’s negative fallout. We don’t follow outdated dominance theory, pack theory, or alpha theory. Be sure and ask me why!

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