Force-Free Dog Training Class with Professional Trainer Shelly Haines, VSA-CDT

Shelly Haines, Certified Dog Trainer, enjoying time at a park.

Join the class in person – January 2023:

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We offer dog training for obedience, manners, and puppies here at Fetch Worthy, based in South Austin, TX – offering private lessons, online lessons, and online group classes.

Dog training isn’t just about your dog, YOU are the most integral part of the training process! Dog training classes (in-person and live virtual) offer skill-building activities, feedback, and guidance while having fun with positive reinforcement. Every class provides individualized attention, time for questions, and homework.

Our Classes

Virtual Dog Training Class

This virtual group class is a 5-week series of live lessons covering ten critical foundational skills for any dog six months and older. This series uses marker training (clicker), teaching the most up-to-date training techniques. Sign up to be invited to the next virtual class.

This live class journey includes lessons, handouts, and learning foundational skills at home – $155.

Requirements: A device with an internet connection and a camera (computer with webcam, tablet, phone), and an area of about 45 sq. feet in a distraction-free in-home environment is ideal.

Virtual training can be easily done in a home or apartment. Your Goole Meet link is emailed after registration.

In-Person Six Weeks Group & Topic Classes

Held at the Circle C Community Center – *Good To Know – Proof of vaccinations – dogs should be comfortable (without barking, growling, lunging, or biting) around dogs and people. Class is outside, below, and private lessons available to fill those gaps.

#1 Six-Week Group Basic Manners Class Jan. 21, 2023 from 9:30-10:30am – $190 – Register – Basic Manners

#2 Six-Weeks Group Advanced Class April 1, 2023 from 9-10am – $190 – (Trainer Approval Required) Register for Advanced

#2 Experience topic specific 90 minute classes – a fast paced training class focused unique skills. Q&A time, gift, notes/hand handouts for $55 per class

*January 21, 2023 – 10:45a – 12:15pm – Walk With This Way! A Variety of leash manners exercises so you can start to love your walks again. An active and interactive class teaching the most up to date training techniques for the modern dog – and we make it realistic. Req. Trainer Approval Register – January 22, 2023

*February 11, 2023 – 10:45am-12:15pm – Recall – Come When Called.

*March 4, 2023 – 9am – 10:30am – Stop Jumping Please – No More Jumping on Guests

*April 2, 2023 – 9am – 10:30am – Relax Rover and Gain Impulse Control!

Requirements: Dogs who experience anxiety or severe stress will not be able to retain the training. If unsure, book a lesson (click).

Shelly has been so great for my little Bert! I highly recommend her for dog training! She is so patient, kind, and easy to work with!

Whitney L.

Shelly is amazing! After just 3 training sessions with our large breed, unruly rescue dog, we have already seen major improvements in Leo’s behavior.

Edy C.

What Do I Get?

  • Video Orientation with handouts.
  • Invitation to advanced classes.
  • Lifetime training support via email and through our exclusive online client community group.

What Will I Learn?

Ten skills taught use rewards-based methods, and are considered foundational behaviors. While your dog may know the basics, practicing with real-life distractions is critical to obedience or life skills. Training your dog is only half of the job, teaching you is the other half.

  • Three Zones of Reinforcement
  • Sit, Down, Stay, Target, Down, Drop It, Recall, (Bonus Tricks)
  • Communication Tool, How Dogs Learn, How Dogs Communicate
  • How to Use the Behaviors Learned in Public and at Home.

A Virtual Class is Better For Your Dog if …

  • Struggles to focus around distractions or in public.
  • Is anxious in general (panting, barking, big eyes, pacing, ears pinned back).
  • Is reactive to new dogs and people (barking at, lunging).
  • Has several sound sensitivities or heat sensitivity.
  • Has never been on a leash or been in a public setting.
  • Has a medical reason so they need to remain at home.
  • If the Guardian has limited mobility to get to an in-person class and is able to train at home.

Friends & Family Will Notice Your Dog Is Trained!

Meet Your Certified Trainer Shelly

Shelly received her professional dog training certification from the prestigious Victoria Stilwell Academy via the in-person track and has learned from many other dog training professionals throughout her career over 10 years.

She is a trusted dog training professional using the most up-to-date methods, rooted in science, and compassion. She’s passionate about teaching people how to understand the why behind the behavior, and being a better dog guardian, dog owner, or dog parent. Learn more about Shelly here.

Shelly Haines dog trainer in blue shirt with golden lab Kai
Owner and Head Trainer Shelly Haines, VSA-CDT.

Is Your Dog Anxious?

Did You Know…?

Anxiety and stress hinder learning.

Virtual Training

Payment plans are available for training packages.

white colored puppy with yellow and gree colored toys laying in the grass with a puppy smile

Virtual Puppy Training

Train virtually in your home with your trainer—our private puppy training package addresses essential training needs. Veterinarians support training based on foundational concepts that prime a puppy to have a healthy disposition, so we designed our program to align with these concepts.

Virtual Private

The trainer does not need to see your dog in person for some cases, and will teach you what to do with your dog in your home. Many behavior issues or teaching common commands can be done virtually and will save you money. Inquire if you want to find out if virtual is right for you and your dog.

Reactive Dog Training

Does your dog have big emotions? A reactive dog presents these frustrating behaviors while on leash or in the house. They will lunge, bark, and pull. There’s an emotional component driving reactivity behaviors. We decrease your dog’s reactivity through several lessons.

What is Behavior Modification?

Examples of behavior issues that require behavior modification training are:

  • reactivity to strangers or dogs on walks
  • excessive barking at the door
  • separation anxiety
  • behaviors driven by big emotions (fear & anxiety)

We can help provide you and your dog with relief in a friendly and humane manner. This works by changing undesirable behaviors using counter conditioning and desensitization approaches. For best results, a variety of training skills and implementation of management and safety protocols are part of the plan. Plans and protocols help manage and modify the behavior(s) of concern. Read more about we train for…

How Does Virtual Training Work?


No matter where you are in the world or what you’re looking for help with, Fetch Worthy is here to provide you with the best possible online dog training experience.

Virtual is Better if Your Dog:

  • Struggles to focus around distractions or in public is extremely fearful of strangers.
  • Is reactive to new dogs and people (barking at, lunging).
  • Has several sound sensitivities or heat sensitivity.
  • Has a medical reason so they need to remain at home.
  • If the guardian has limited mobility and is able to train at home.
Dog sitting next to art