Personalized positive dog training by professional certified trainer Shelly Haines VSA-CDT.

Training services are available in-person, in-home, and virtually online.

In-Home Private Training

*Payment plans are available for training packages.


Packaged lessons are 60-75 mins, and held at the client’s home or a designated location, depending on your dog’s needs and the training goals. If you live in a multi-dog household, please plan to work with one dog at a time in a distraction-free environment. Homework and follow-up communication in between packaged lessons are included. Dedicated clients that follow the training plan, and communicate with their trainer typically see faster improvements than those that don’t. While training a dog is half of the job, training the human is the other half, and is basically how dog training is facilitated – consistently by the human. Puppy VIP Training

Private Lessons Are Best For:

  • Puppies, Potty & Crate Training, Puppy Biting, Puppy Nipping, New Puppy, Socialization
  • Adult Dog Training, Dog Manners, Adopted Dog
  • Jumping, Chewing, Mouthing, Barking, Pulling, Lunging
  • Running Off
  • Sound Sensitivities and more…
Brown large labrador Dog playing tug of war with a tug toy and a person.


$159 per lesson or save with a training package.

“After 4 weeks working with Shelly, Kalani is well on the way to conquering her fear/aggression with other dogs, is leash-trained, and knows her recall. We plan on more training, so who knows how far this girl will go. We can’t say enough good things about Shelly and Fetch Worthy!” – Rebecca E.

Virtual Private Training

How Do Virtual Lessons Work?

For our virtual lessons, you will only need a device with an internet connection and a camera, and an area of about 45 sq. feet in a distraction-free environment. Virtual lessons are easily accessible from your home or apartment. Packaged lessons are 1 hour, and will include a plan, homework, and follow-up communication.

Dog training at home is extremely useful and effective, especially for some dogs and certain cases. Clients outside the Austin service area or out of state can also benefit from having access to a professional trainer.

Is Virtual Training Better for My Dog?

Dogs with anxiety and fear do well with virtual lessons, as do other dogs. Read more about choosing virtual.

Why Virtual Training?

  • Costs less than in-home training services.
  • Convenient, effective, and client-centered.
  • Customized training plans designed for your dog.
  • Packages include follow-up support between sessions as needed via email or phone.
  • Exceptional training methods are conducted by a certified dog trainer and expert.


$96 per lesson or less with a training package.

Woman in jeans standing next to small brown puppy. Puppy is looking up at person, and is sitting on yoga mat.
“Dog Training is training one human at a time.”

Virtual Training For:

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Potty & Crate Training, Puppy Biting, Puppy Nipping, Socialization
  • Adult Dog Manners, Adopted Dog
  • Begging, Counter Surfing, Lunging
  • Thunderstorm Phobia
  • Leash reactivity and more…


Learn Ten Foundational Skills + Bonus Tricks

  • Class Schedule (click link) – Next Class is Jan 13, 2024 for Basic Manners
  • Recall Training, Pet Therapy Prep/Advanced prep for AKC Canine Good Citizen Test, Basic Manners @Circle C Ranch
  • Interest Form Future Classes Not Listed
  • Take Me To Classes


  • Group setting
  • Lower cost than a private lessons
  • Spend time training your dog
Group of dogs ready for training!
“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”– Benjamin Franklin

Behavior Problems We We Train & Modify Behavior:

  • Puppies, Potty & Crate Training, Puppy Biting, Puppy Nipping, New Puppy, Socialization
  • Adult Dog Training, Basic Commands & Manners
  • Jumping, Chewing, Mouthing, Barking, Pulling
  • Running Away & Coming When Called
  • Door Issues & Excited Greetings & Leash Tugging
  • Fence barking & Reactivity
  • Begging & Counter Surfing
  • Digging & Chewing
  • Adult Potty Training Issues
  • Behavior Modification Training – Does your dog have a quirky behavior? Private lessons focus on problem solving.
    • Anxiety, Fear, Reactivity, Phobias, Aggression
    • Barking & Lunging at Dogs
    • Reactive Behavior
    • Sound Sensitivities and more.

Aggression, Fear, Anxiety & Other Complex Behavior Problems:

We may refer your case if your dog presents or has a history of these behaviors, but please set up a virtual consultation to confirm. 

Human, owner, and child-directed aggression resulting in a dog bite (in or outside the household). A dog with a bite history. Complex behavior issues like severe separation anxiety, compulsive behaviors, self-harming behaviors, extreme handling sensitivity, multiple dog household resource guarding, or service dog start to finish training.

Need A Private Consult?


No matter where you are in the world or what you’re looking for help with, Fetch Worthy is here to provide you with the best possible online dog training experience.

Virtual is Better If Your Dog:

  • Struggles to focus around distractions or in public Is extremely fearful of strangers.
  • Is reactive to new dogs and people (barking at, lunging).
  • Has several sound sensitivities or heat sensitivity.
  • Has a medical reason they need to remain at home.
  • Guardian has limited mobility and is able to train at home.
Dog sitting next to art
Woman with white and grey shirt hand extended feeding a tan and white large dog a piece of food as positive reinforcement training.

Do We Use Food to Train?

Yes! Food (and other reinforcers) are to dogs as money is to humans. While each individual is different in their choice of reinforcer, it’s usually protein-based foods for dogs. We can add value to non-food reinforcers, and it’s a skill that I can teach.