Dog Training Services

Get personalized dog training by certified trainer Shelly Haines VSA-CDT (more about Shelly).

Most options are available on location, online, and in your home. Learn more below.

Private Lessons

In-Person / Live Lessons

Lessons are typically in the client’s home or at a location depending on what behaviors we are working on. The best training location for that lesson will be determined ahead of time, and remaining flexible if we need to change up the plan on the spot will set your dog up for success.

Common behavior problems addressed in private lessons are Jumping, nipping, door issues, coming when called (recall), digging, barking, potty training, obedience, doggie manners, and more.

Virtual Lessons

Dog training lessons are online using Zoom and are great for behavior consultation for a particular issue, those out of Austin, and those who need training for their dog.

Believe it or not, it’s even better because the owner is the one doing the training, and it’s so convenient!

Ideal for shy dogs, and common behavior problems, like jumping, nipping, door issues, chewing, potty training or toileting problems, digging, chewing, crate training, coming when called, barking, basic doggie manners, and introducing a new puppy into the home.

Cute Corgi in front of a laptop

Day Training & Socialization Outings

This service for current clients is performed at your home, at mine, or at a location where I work with your dog on a particular issue, behavior, or training plan.

This is one of my favorite services because I get to work directly with your pup! The client drops off their dog in the morning and picks them up at the agreed-upon time in the afternoon. The day training plan is four days unless otherwise determined.

For dogs that benefit from a “training boost,” and for owners who have a busy schedule.

NEW! Group Classes

Foundations for Doggie Manners and Loose Leash Walking starting September 26th 2021.

An in-person class is held in the South Austin location, while the online clicker dog training group class is held virtually.

The small outdoor class held in South Austin is perfect for current clients, new clients, and dogs that are comfortable around dogs and people.

The virtual class is also good for busy owners, families, multi-dog homes, and shy dogs.

Dogs should be up-to-date on vaccinations, and ALL classes are designed to be pressure-free.


  1. Circle C Ranch Community Center Sunday’s 9am – 10am
    • 7817 La Crosse Avenue, Austin, Texas 78739
  2. Online Clicker Dog Training Class – TBD – Join the Waitlist
  3. Cannot Make Next Class? Join the Waitlist
  4. Need a Private Lesson First? Book Your Initial Call

Benefits of Group Classes:

  • Real-World Experience
  • Ask questions and learn from what other questions owners ask
  • Carve out time bond and train to with your dog
  • Lower cost than a private lesson
  • Continue advancing your dogs skills and your knowledge
  • Meet other dog owners in your community
  • Seriously…Have FUN!!

Request to register by booking a quick call with your trainer, and learn more!

Dog problem behavior Management: Prevent, Control, Avoid. Before a dog is trained, management is needed in order to prevent rehearsal of undesirable behavior...

What’s Management?

A dog training plan should have immediate solutions that can prevent the rehearsal of the “unwanted behavior,” and is also known as a management plan. This is a critical part of the training plan that takes place before the training has begun and becomes reliable. Safety and emotional well-being is at the heart of this plan as well as prevention of the rehearsal of the
“unwanted behavior.”

This means thinking outside the box and be open to change because we often may need to change up the home environment, the dog’s routine, walking path, schedule, or things that cause triggers.

Many times the “unwanted behavior” can be simply managed, and that’s okay for some pet parents who are satisfied with those results and don’t need more training.