Dog Training Services

Day Tutoring Lessons

This service for current clients performed at your home, at mine, or at a location where I train your dog.

For dogs that benefit from a “training boost” and canine enrichment time during the day.

Private Lessons

Lessons are typically in the client’s home or at a location depending on what behaviors we are working on. The best training location for that lesson will be determined ahead of time, and remaining flexible if we need to change up the plan on the spot will set your dog up for success. Common behavior problems address in private lessons are Jumping, nipping, door issues, coming when called (recall), digging, barking, potty training, doggie manners, and more.

Virtual Lessons

Lessons are online using Zoom and are great for behavior consultation for a particular issue, those out of Austin, and who need coaching. You learn how to train your dog through virtual coaching lessons. Ideal for common behavior problems, like jumping, nipping, door issues, chewing, potty training or toileting problems, digging, chewing, crate training, coming when called, barking, basic doggie manners, and introducing a new dog into the home.

What’s Management?

A dog training plan should have immediate solutions, also known as a management plan in place before the training has begun and before the behavior(s) have become reliable. Safety is at the heart of this plan as well as prevention.

Thinking outside the box, because we often may need to change up to or environment, the dog’s interactions or routines, or things that are the triggers for Fido.

Management should feel good and not include yelling, corrections, or harsh punishment. Many times the “problem behavior” can be simply avoided, and that’s okay for some pet parents.

What will you manage? The dog, the environment, or the trigger? Different situations may require one or the other.