Personalized positive dog training by professional certified trainer Shelly Haines VSA-CDT, FFCP.

Dog Training Services

At Fetch Worthy, we’ve created the most dynamic, customizable, results-driven in-home private dog training programs available in the Austin area.

In-Home Private Training

Fetch Worthy’s certified trainer will travel to you and work with your family in your home (and other locations as desired) weekly, assess your goals, implement an entirely custom training plan to help you meet those goals, and guide you through the training process with extensive follow-up support.

We specialize not only in effectively training dogs, but in providing quality instruction for the entire family to ensure lasting results.

We have training programs tailored to meet every budget and required level of training, including (but not limited to):

  • Puppy Training
  • Manners & Obedience
  • Aggression & Reactivity
  • Barking and Lunging on Leash
  • Leash Training
  • Curbing Problem Behaviors like Jumping, Barking, Play Biting, Counter Surfing
  • Fearful/Shy Dogs
Woman with blonde long hair in ponytail, in navy pants, grey t shirt, holding an orange long line leash. Her golden lab dog sitting next to her looking at her. They're outside in a field.
Shelly Haines, VSA-CDT, FFCP Your Professional Dog Trainer

In-Home Puppy Training

Our puppy-specific program has helped raise hundreds of puppies in Texas. Puppy training is very age specific, and will teach you and your puppy foundational skills, and prevent beavhior issues in the future.

Fetch Worthy has extensive experience raising puppies and use the most up to date techniques in puppy development and training. Many clients describe our puppy program as “the best money they’ve ever spent on their dog.”

Our program is designed for puppies under six months old up to 2 years; the proven way to lay a solid training and socialization foundation in your dog’s most formative months.

Group Classes

Benefits from taking a group dog training class is that you spend dedicated time with your dog training, enhance your bond, practice around distractions, and is a lower cost than private lessons.

  • Basic Manners, Advanced, Canine Good Citizen Prep, and special topic classes like recall, AKC Tricks, and more
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Group of dogs ready for training!
“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”– Benjamin Franklin

Behavior Problems We We Train & Modify Behavior:

  • Puppies, Potty & Crate Training, Puppy Biting, Puppy Nipping, New Puppy, Socialization
  • Adult Dog Training, Basic Commands & Manners
  • Jumping, Chewing, Mouthing, Barking, Pulling
  • Running Away & Coming When Called
  • Door Issues & Excited Greetings & Leash Tugging
  • Fence barking & Reactivity
  • Begging & Counter Surfing
  • Digging & Chewing
  • Adult Potty Training Issues
  • Behavior Modification Training – Does your dog have a quirky behavior? Private lessons focus on problem solving.
    • Anxiety, Fear, Reactivity, Phobias, Aggression
    • Barking & Lunging at Dogs
    • Reactive Behavior
    • Sound Sensitivities and more.

Aggression, Fear, Anxiety & Other Complex Behavior Problems:

We may refer your case if your dog presents or has a history of these behaviors, but please set up a virtual consultation to confirm. 

Human, owner, and child-directed aggression resulting in a dog bite (in or outside the household). A dog with a bite history. Complex behavior issues like severe separation anxiety, compulsive behaviors, self-harming behaviors, extreme handling sensitivity, multiple dog household resource guarding, or service dog start to finish training.

Ready To Start Training?


No matter where you are in the world or what you’re looking for help with, Fetch Worthy is here to provide you with the best possible online dog training experience.

Virtual is Better If Your Dog:

  • Struggles to focus around distractions or in public Is extremely fearful of strangers.
  • Is reactive to new dogs and people (barking at, lunging).
  • Has several sound sensitivities or heat sensitivity.
  • Has a medical reason they need to remain at home.
  • Guardian has limited mobility and is able to train at home.
Dog sitting next to art
Woman with white and grey shirt hand extended feeding a tan and white large dog a piece of food as positive reinforcement training.

Do We Use Food to Train?

Yes! Food (and other reinforcers) are to dogs as money is to humans. While each individual is different in their choice of reinforcer, it’s usually protein-based foods for dogs. We can add value to non-food reinforcers, and it’s a skill that I can teach.