Turn around your dog’s behavior with a Fetch Worthy dog training package.

*Credit cards accepted & payment plans available on packages

Start Training With Your First Lesson

$145 in-home or $93 virtual

During your first private lesson, we will address behavior issues & goals, prioritize them, and begin training. After your first lesson, you can be invited to a package based on your custom training plan.

Common issues:

  • Puppy Training
  • Manners & Obedience
  • Problems Like Jumping & Nipping
  • Leash Pulling
  • Mild Separation Anxiety Issues
  • Excessive Barking
  • Escaping or Running Away
  • Anxiety & Noise phobias
  • Dog Aggression & Reactivity…and more.

Learn how to train your dog without a shock collar, hitting, or yelling at them.

Blonde woman with long hair outside. Her dog is standing next to her with his mouth open.
Your Trainer Shelly Haines, VSA-CDT

“I’ve seen such an improvement with my dog just after just my first lesson! We tried lessons at a facility, and our dog was too distracted. We like that and will continue lessons with her.”

Training Packages

What’s Included:

Training packages can save you money.

*Payment plans available on packages just ask us. First lesson required before a training package.


$132.33 ea


An option for a single behavior issue like potty training, mild leash pulling, mild barking, mouthing, jumping on people, coming when called (recall), or 3-4 commands (cues).


$122.60 ea


An option for mild to moderate behavior issues requiring behavior modification, multiple dog homes needing training, leash reactivity, and other behavior modification needs. The most common amount of sessions can address 5-6 basic commands, intensive manners training, and can deal with multiple or more advanced issues.

Eight & up

$115 ea


Longer-term consistent training for the best behavior results in behavior modification needs, advanced manners, for more than one behavior issue, more severe dog- reactivity cases, multi-dog home training, moderate separation anxiety issues, and advanced obedience training.

Puppy Packages & Classes

Puppy Training Package

One Virtual + Five In-Home Private lessons


This is the best investment an owner can make. For the first three months of a puppy’s life, we follow AVSAB recommendations for puppy socialization. This package focuses on foundation skills, and concepts while troubleshooting common problems. Puppies go through different stages, and we’ll be your professional guide to raising a happy adult dog.

This plan requires owner comment and training plan follow-through for best results. Take a proactive approach to prevent behavior issues in the future. Includes:

  • Socialization (*important)
  • Foundational Skills
  • Crate Training & Potty Training
  • Intro. to Leash Walking
  • Preventing Separation Anxiety
  • Excessive Jumping or Mouthing
  • Training plan + Email Support + Online Community Support

Group Classes

Special Topic Focused Classes & Six-Week Classes (held at Circle C Ranch neighborhood in Southwest Austin

$55 – $190

Three options of person group dog training classes – Group classes are a fun and easy way to get started training your dog.

#1 Topic Focused Class Dates – 1/21/23, 2/11/23, 3/4/23, 4/2/23. More Info to Register

#2 In-Person Six Week Basic Manners Class Begins Jan. 21, 2023 on Saturday, 9:30-10:30am using marker training like clicker training. Class has requirements. Register.

#3 In-Person Six Weeks Advanced Manners Class with trainer approval Begins April 1, 2023 on Saturday, 9am-10am. Register.

Maintain Training

Day Training (limited)

6 Lessons


$75 single

The trainer works 1:1 with your dog at your home or at a public location, according to their training plan. Day training is most effective with consecutive weeks of lessons for behavior modification goals, or once a week for basic training and enrichment.

Sniffy Walks

8 Walks Monthly (Oct. – May.)


$45 single

A 40 min. sniffy “sniffari” enrichment walk with training intervals integrated working on basic cues previously learned. Touch up those training and ensure the best behavior from October – to May. Benefits and description details, subject to location.

The Maintain Plan

2 Private Lessons Monthly



Book in advance, and maintain your training investment after your training package. Your choice of in-home or virtually, and this plan can cancel anytime after completing lessons. This is a subscription based plan.

Dog Training is a Journey