Dog Training Packages

Turn around your dog’s behavior with a Fetch Worthy Dog Training Package.

Shelly Haines with her Fetch Worthy shirt
Shelly Haines, a Victoria Stilwell Academy professional certified dog trainer, will be your guide with extensive training from the academy, and continued education and consulting with well-established trainers and behavior experts.

Get the most effective positive training results and experience.

The best training happens when we’re consistent, and in most cases, one lesson isn’t going to solve a behavior issue or train your puppy so we have affordable unique training packages that provide built-in support.

FetchWorthy’s professional expertise in puppy and dog training will guide your unique training package in the right direction to determine the most practical and effective training plan based on your training goals. We do more than just train, we help you understand your dog’s experience, resulting in a well-behaved dog.

Follow-up training and behavior plans are provided after each lesson, and the option to have access to your trainer in between lessons has proven to be priceless.

Get the lessons and behavior plan for success!

We understand the time, commitment, and money invested into your dog and their training, so we’re committed to providing the best training packages. You will integrate a real-life training plan into your daily routine so that training goals can be met faster, and more effectively. We do not work with dog bite cases but can refer you to a qualified professional that can.

See our options below:

Get started with a single private lesson

$145 in-home or $90 virtual

During your first private lesson, we address behavior issues discussed over the phone, prioritize your goals and begin training!

Common issues dealt with can include:

  • Puppy Training
  • Manners and Obedience
  • Problem beahviors like Jumping and Nipping
  • Leash Pulling
  • Excessive barking
  • Escaping or Running Away
  • Anxieity and Noise phobias
  • Agression & Reactivity

Learn how to train your dog without a shock collar, hitting, or yelling at them.

Shelly Haines dog trainer with her Golden lab dog.
Shelly Haines and Kai.

Training Package Options:

Training packages and programs are bundled to include access to your trainer in between lessons, plus have other perks that can be used over a 6-month period. Behavior modification cases are not a quick fix, but progress can be made quickly. Dog’s displaying aggressive-like behaviors will have the best training plan based on tried and true effective strategies which will most likely require a training package. We do not work with *dog bite cases but can refer you to a qualified professional that can.

What is included:

These training packages can save you money.


3 Lessons @ $128.33 ea.


An option for a single behavior issue like potty training, mild leash pulling, mild barking, mouthing, jumping on people, coming when called (recall), or 3-4 family commands (cues).


5 Lessons @ $119 ea.


An option for mild to moderate behavior issues, multiple dog homes needing training, leash reactivity, and other behavior modification needs. The most common amount of sessions can address 5-6 basic commands, mild separation anxiety, intensive manners training, and deal with multiple or more advanced issues.

Complimentary training gift!


8 Lessons @ $115 ea.


Longer-term consistent training for the best behavior results for behavior modification needs, advanced manners, for more than one behavior issue, more severe dog- reactivity cases, multi-dog home training, moderate separation anxiety issues, and advanced obedience training.

Complimentary training gift!

Puppy Training

Puppy Training Package

Initial Consultation + 6 Private Lessons


For 8 weeks to 6-month-old puppies, this is by far the best investment any puppy owner can make.

Take a proactive approach to prevent behavior issues in the future. The first 16 weeks of your puppy’s life is the most critical time to develop a well-adjusted, happy adult dog.

Begin training on your puppy’s first day home:

  • Basic commands and obedience
  • Crate Training & Potty Training
  • Excessive jumping or mouthing
  • Handling
  • Intro. to Leash walking
  • Preventing separation anxiety
  • Socialization (*important)

Group Classes (Waitlist Only)

Available in 5 or 10 passes.

$160 for 5 or $300 for 10

Group classes are a fun and easy way to get started with training.

Classes are small & outside on location (usually Circle C Community Center) and fill up quickly.

Classes are weekly, currently Sunday mornings but other days may be made available.

Existing Client Maintenance Training

Special savings for existing clients that have completed a training package or group class. We love to see you and your dog make progress!

Day Training

6 Lessons


$75 single

Trainer works 1:1 with your dog according to the training plan. This plan is most effective with two consecutive weeks with three lessons to address a single behavior issue, 1-3, basic commands, or a single behavior modification goal.

Behavior (Sniffy) Walks

8 Walks Monthly


$45 single

A 40 min. sniffy “sniffari” enrichment walk with training intervals integrated working on basic cues previously learned. Touch up those training and ensure the best behavior from October – May. Benefits and description details, subject to location.

Maintenance Plan

2 Private Lessons Monthly



Save, advance, and maintain your training investment after your training package. Your choice of in-home or online, as desired can cancel at any time when lessons are used. Other training maintenance options may be available if the trainer agrees.

Dog Training is a Journey