Virtual & Online Dog Training
with Professional Trainer Shelly Haines, VSA-CDT

Dog training can happen virtually at home, and can even make dog training more affordable. Training begins with you, so the training you receive is more important than the direct training you receive with your dog! Not all dogs are a good fit for virtual, if so, we will let you know and offer a more appropriate training program. Remember, you are the most integral part of the training process!

Virtual Training Services

*Payment plans are available for training packages.

white colored puppy with yellow and gree colored toys laying in the grass with a puppy smile

Virtual Puppy Training

Train virtually in your home with your trainer. Puppies aren’t too young to train, but what we train that’s important. This package includes it all. Designed to align with what Veterinarians support – training based on foundational concepts that prime a puppy to have a healthy disposition. Book Now.

Virtual Private Training

Train virtually with a package, saving money. No matter where you are in the world, Fetch Worthy is here to provide you with the best possible online dog training experience! Choose from packages of three or five. Clients who do well, get granular with training goals from home before taking it “on the road.”

Reactive Dog Training

Train virtually and in-person! $ave money with the hybrid specialized training program. This format includes two virtual and three in-person lesson This package is designed to set your dog up for success, and practice foundational skills at home before introducing distractions. Better choice for hyper-arousal and reactivity.

Virtual Training Lessons

Teach and train your dog the most basic and advanced commands to be more attentive and relaxed. We customize your training plan for problem behaviors like: barking, jumping, chewing, potty training issues, attention seeking behaviors, running out the away, and not coming when called. Puppy training is specific to training your puppy the most important concepts. It’s never too late to begin training your puppy or adult dog.

Cost: $93 to $530

Single $93 – Three $256 – Five $380

Book Six Puppy Lessons $ 530

Reactive Dog Package – Hybrid

small brown terrier dog is barking and reacting to something in his environment. the dog has a collar without a leash and surround by grass.

A reactive dog is one with an abnormal level of arousal in response to a normal stimulus.

The word “reactive” gets used to describe everything from the dog who barks a few times when the doorbell rings to the dog who turns into a raving lunatic in the presence of her triggers. We avoid labeling dogs but focus on their presenting behavior.

This hybrid package is $200 less than in-person and includes five lessons (two virtual & three in-person). Clients must follow the training plan and complete the homework between lessons for the best results. Clients meet weekly for the five lessons to keep up the integrity of the behavior modification training. This is a specialty-designed hybrid training package for leash reactive dogs only.

Cost: $514

What’s Included Virtual Lessons?

  • Video Orientation with handouts.
  • Professional, and compassionate training advice and training plans.
  • Invitation to local in-person adventures, and advanced classes.
  • Lifetime training support via email and through our exclusive online client community group.

Need Training Answers Now?

If you’re not ready to begin training, we encourage you to schedule a single virtual extended consult inquiry. Do you have questions you need immediate answers to? Not sure what type of trainer your dog needs? Confused with all the dog training information and adds? Ask a trainer – is a virtual consultation service can be scheduled less in 24 hrs. It’s guidance for accessible resources and to ask questions for $67 for 50 minutes.

I Want In-Home Lessons

 “I have struggled since the 2-month mark with my puppy with potty training, once I discovered Fetch Worthy everything changed. Shelly had us on a schedule, taking notes, training, and learning. Her tips were a huge success with us. We worked virtually and it was worth it. You will not regret it.”

Aussie Doodle Puppy Sophia