Help calm your dog’s nervous system

When a dog feels anxious and or afraid, stress hormones like cortisol serge through your dog’s body. Chronic stress can take of years of your dog’s life. over causing physiological and adaptive changes – like increased energy diversion to the muscles, increased heart rate and blood pressure, and suppression of digestion. Help your dog by first learning how to recognize symptoms, check out this list of symptoms. A solution- according to research the right music can decreases a dog’s HBM exposed to music with a tempo of 50-60 beats per minute, which makes them relax. Joshua Leeds is sound a researcher and teacher of sound work producing the latest research on canine sound therapy. He composes music specifically for dogs and babies.

His most recent composed work is called Through a Dog’s Ear and can be streamed for free on Spotify or YouTube. Another resource, i Calm Dog Speaker Packages. Clients provided positive feedback on its effectiveness of the calming music.

There’s a method to introducing music and I offer online private lessons to learn how it’s done correctly.

“Through a Dog’s Ear” Playlists:

Top tracks
Reggae Calming Dog Music Playlist:

Does your dog suffer from firework or thunderstorm noise phobias?

CANINE NOISE PHOBIAS are debilitating for dogs but there is behavior modification therapy –

A Sound Therapy Series for noise phobias by Victoria Stilwell

4-CD compilation of specialized audio recordings for fireworks, thunderstorms, and city sounds used for desensitization training. This innovative training protocol can be ordered below. Specifically designed to reduce and prevent noise phobia and anxieties.

Dog with sign that says "please don't buy fireworks, I am scared"
Negative experiences with fireworks and thunderstorms can develop into noise phobias, panic attacks.
A Variety of Dog Calming Music Playlist:

Want to learn more about noise phobias?

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