How Can Fetch Worthy Help Your Dog’s Manners & Behavior?

How To Work With Shelly


Choose from a 15 min. inquiry call or virtual consult to describe your goals and behavior concerns. We will suggest a plan to get started, and explain how training works with Fetch Worthy. Your first lesson is focused on behavior assessment, and at least one foundational key skill for your plan. Book with the button below.

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Fetch Worthy will recommend a training plan based on your goals after your first lesson. We don’t sell packages unless we think they’re needed. We offer honest, professional, and realistic training plans. It’s common to see positive change in your dog’s behavior early on. Packages include email & phone support in between lessons.

After Lessons

You, and your dog(s) can continue to work together for an even more harmonious relationship! While we’d like to work with you forever, it’s a good thing you might not need us as much. Advance your training – with future lessons, and a popular monthly plan – with invitations to future specialized classes or group adventures too.

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    [Shelly] has been a miracle worker for us and our two dogs. She listened to all our concerns came up with an effective plan. In 5 weeks our dogs were doing sit/stay, going to their place, dropping and leaving items on command and their stress barking has decreased significantly!!! She is professional, insightful and just an all around amazing person to work with!

    Kristy W.

    Shelly has been a fabulous trainer and resource for my dog. My dog is a yellow lab with lots of energy! She came from CCI and needed some brush up training for her commands. Shelly trained Yiska to stop barking at strangers and helped me understand that positive reinforcement training works[!!] Shelly exceeded my expectations in her knowledge and ability to meet my needs.

    Bob H.

    Fetch Worthy Service Area

    Shelly trains dogs in person in South Austin, with an extended area. She coaches and trains clients out of state, and nationwide with affordable virtual private dog lessons. *A small travel fee applies at 12+ miles.