About Us

Why Fetch Worthy?

Our responsibility is to enhance the human-animal bond, consider the safety of all involved, and ensure the physical and emotional well-being of the dog and its family members. We provide professional quality training services for your brand new puppy, rowdy adolescent, senior dog, or newly adopted rescue dog.

Meet Your Trainer Shelly Haines, VSA-CDT

Shelly Haines dog trainer with her Goldenlab dog.
Shelly Haines and Kai.

Dog Training Philosophy

We do not use any methods from outdated dominance theory, pack leadership, or alpha dog theory.

The best training happens when we learn how to understand the canine experience. Dogs have mental, emotional, physical, needs, that often go unmet. Taking their individual needs, genetics, and past learning into account is the best way to train and address behavior modification.

At Fetch Worthy, we’re passionate about teaching you how to understand the why behind the behavior, and how to help your dog be happy and well-behaved. This formula can effectively solve common behavior problems and shape behaviors you want. Your mindset matters, when you believe in your dog (and yourself) progress is made.

Education & Experience

Shelly is a graduate of the prestigious Victoria Stilwell Academy where she spent countless hours working obtaining my certification as a qualified professional dog trainer (VSA-CDT) through rigorous testing, skills assessments, and in-person 6-day intensive. Her mentorship experience was with Austin’s own skilled and talented, Kim The Dog Trainer.

With a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Nova Southeastern University, she applies the psychology of learning and behavior to both her canine and human clients. She has always been drawn to nature, animals, and natural systems and naturally began honing on her skills as a wildlife research assistant, humane society behavior counselor, and class dog trainer. Shelly has over a decade of experience as an educator and spends time helping local shelters reduce the surrender rate.

Shelly is constantly continuing her education to take her dog training skills to the next level.

Outside of training dogs she can be found taking specialty dog training classes with her dog, (Kai), enjoying golf, tennis, and Austin’s live music.

Our Mission

Enhance the human-animal bond using positive dog training methods. Teach, train and empower humans how to stop unwanted behaviors and focus on preventative proactive dog training strategies. ​Commit to the safety of every human and animal involved. Lead with integrity in how we operate and communicate. Function as a reliable dog training and behavior resource for the community. Contribute to the advancement of the dog training industry.

Dog Training Services

Dog ready to go!

Private Lessons

Private dog training lessons in your home, or at a designated location where I teach you how to train your dog. Good choice for families, behavior-specific issues in the home, or at locations.

Small long-haired dog jumping

Puppy Training

This service is for puppies under 16 weeks to 6 months. Let me be your first resort instead of your last. Prime your puppy’s brain to develop into a happy well adjusted behaved adult dog.

Puppy walking

Virtual Lessons

Online lessons at the comfort of your own home. A popular option for shy dogs, out-of-state clients, during the pandemic, those with time constraints, or for specific behavior issues.

Modern Dog Training - How is it different from other methods.

What’s Modern Dog Training?

Modern Dog Training is the way to describe positive dog training that is rooted in science, like behaviorism, canine ethology and cognition, and learning theory, and backed with research and case studies. It also includes the canine hierarchy of needs and the human-animal bond.

Don’t believe everything you see on TV and social media. Many outdated un-certified trainers use old and outdated techniques.

There is no need for stressful corrections, physical punishment, or barbaric equipment and when used, most often there’s negative fallout. This is avoidable by going at the dog’s pace seeing training a skill like a muscle that gets stronger over time.