About Us

Why Fetch Worthy?

Reward-based dog training rooted in science without the use of force, pain, fear, or intimidation. Individualized training plans are designed to strengthen the human-animal bond, teach clear communication, and bring harmony back into the pet home.

Meet Shelly

Owner of Fetch Worthy, Shelly Haines, and Kai the Golden Lab

My Training Philosophy

Training your dog should feel GOOD. Using force-free methods will result in better communication and ultimately a better relationship with your dog. Training never ends, so building a solid foundation and continuing training throughout your life together is priceless. The best training is done when we learn how to speak dog, meaning we understand their world (the canine experience). Our dogs are not robots, they have needs, including choice and autonomy. While they have their own agenda and motivation, we can teach them how to live harmoniously with us because we set them up for success with structure, clear communication, and training. We allow them to learn and make better choices without force or aversives. We ask, not what our dog should stop doing, but what do we WANT them to do instead. Our mindset matters, we have to believe in our dog.

By using the science we know about dogs, we create experiences that ignite new positive associations in their brain for behavior modification and socialization. Using pain, fear or intimidation for behavioral issues damages the relationship and has negative fallout that will likely cause serious detriment to dogs. Training plans consider your dog’s hierarchy of needs, and all tools used to create a humane experience because you and your dog deserve the very best.

Ready To Get The Pawty Started?

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Private Dog Training Lessons

Private dog training lessons in your home, or at a designated location where I teach you how to train your dog. Good choice for families, behavior-specific issues in the home, or at locations.

Two well-behaved dogs near a Christmas tree

Day Tutoring Lessons

This service for current clients performed at your home, at mine, or at a location where I train your dog.

For dogs that benefit from a “training boost” and canine enrichment time during the day.

Cute Corgi in front of a laptop

Virtual Dog Training Lessons

I teach you how to train your dog virtually! Private lessons or behavior consultations are very effective. Popular option during the pandemic, those with time constraints, or for specific behavior issues.

Modern dog training: reinforcement based training, no intimidation, cues not commands, recognizing canine cognition

What’s Modern Dog Training?

Modern Dog Training is the way to describe positive dog training that is rooted in science, like behaviorism, canine ethology and cognition, and learning theory, and backed with research and case studies. It also includes the canine hierarchy of needs and the human-animal bond.

Don’t believe everything you see on TV and social media. Many outdated uncertified trainers use old and outdated techniques.

Training should feel good and be fun for both humans and canines. There is no need for stressful corrections, physical punishment, or barbaric equipment and when used, most often there’s negative fallout. This is avoidable by going at the dog’s pace and using evidence-based techniques which means positive training is like a muscle that gets stronger with everyday use.