How often should i walk my dog?

Dog running around with person

Daily dog walks provide more than a backyard can because it becomes mundane, resulting in mischievous behavior. Sure soaking up some sunshine is great, but just like humans, they need to exercise daily for good health. Walking helps preserve your pet’s muscle tone, joint health, and provides aerobic exercise, which prevents obesity. The American Veterinary Association recommends dogs walk 15 – 60 minutes daily, depending on many individual factors, like dog breed, and age.

Walks are much more than just exercise!

New walking routines broaden your dog’s horizons, helping to strengthen their social skills and even offers mental stimulation by stimulating your pet’s mind through sniff-breaks, new sights, and new opportunities to train. 

Walking your dog regularly provides a necessary foundation for physical and mental health. If he or she is confined to the house for too long, your dog will get bored, and boredom can lead to destructive behavior.

Dr. Susan Nelson, K-State veterinarian, and professor says, “People and their dogs both need physical activity to fight obesity, and there are many exercises that owner and pet can do together that can improve their health and their relationship.” according to a Kansas State University expert.”

We understand how important it is to keep your pet healthy and yourself, so we offer a two-week dog walking trial! The American Veterinary Medical Association says, that training your dog to “behave on a leash, and seek help to address any behavioral problems” is important to when beginning a walking routine for your new puppy or adult dog. If your dog needs leash walking training first, we will recommend a plan for the safest pet dog collars and leashes available.

Comment above and let us know how long you and your dog like to walk.

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