small dog with head out window while riding in a car that is the color blue. happy dog.

How Often do I train?

Training Schedule I get asked often, “how often should I train?” This question always makes me happy – these questions are asked by owners are typically ready to get started on their training journey and want to have the best training structure possible for their dog. Think short sessions 5-10 minutes twice a day for six-weeks. End your session on … Read More

What’s The First Step in Training?

The first step in changing your dog’s behavior. Management A dog training plan has immediate solutions that will prevent the rehearsal of the “unwanted behavior.” This goal is a critical part of the training plan that clients should follow after their first private lesson. We will always make the safety and emotional well-being of everyone involved at the heart of this plan. The “unwanted … Read More

Sleepy Pug

Is your dog stressed?

Our dogs can experience stress and anxiety just like we do. We are used to noticing signs that we are stressed like irritability, tiredness, headaches, etc., and are able to communicate what is wrong with us and take appropriate actions to alleviate it.

Buddy Budder Peanut Butter Jars

Peanut Butter safe for dogs

Xylitol and Oil-Free Peanut Butter that’s Safe for Dogs Buddy Budder, the dog-friendly peanut butter. Better Peanut Butter! Watch a quick video of how I LOVE Bark Bistro’s new peanut budder. We use it for enrichment like to seal a stuffed Kong, as well as to give dogs their medicine. What’s the best part is they have a stress and … Read More

How often should I walk my dog?

Daily dog walks provide more than a backyard can because it becomes mundane, resulting in mischievous behavior. Sure soaking up some sunshine is great, but just like humans, they need to exercise daily for good health. Walking helps preserve your pet’s muscle tone, joint health, and provides aerobic exercise, which prevents obesity. The American Veterinary Association recommends dogs walk 15 … Read More

Welcome to Fetch Worthy

It’s a heck of a time to launch a new business, but we are here! Fetch Worthy Dog Training is a Go! **2022 update: We are still following approved CDC guidelines to keep you safe. Read our Covid notice here. We offer Positive Reinforcement based training, training classes and private lessons for your dogs, puppies and humans! Meet your Fetch … Read More