Peanut Butter safe for dogs

Xylitol and Oil Free Peanut Butter that’s Safe for Dogs

Buddy Budder, the dog-friendly peanut butter.

Better Peanut Butter! Watch a quick video of how I LOVE Bark Bistro’s new peanut budder.

We use it for enrichment like to seal a stuffed Kong, as well as to give dogs their medicine.

What’s the best part is they have a stress and anxiety formula, as well as hip and joint.

Watch How I use Buddy Budder to give Kai his daily anxiety medicine.

Relaxed Rover – the Buddy Budder I am using in the video above – is formulated to help your dog with stress and anxiety, another version with health benefits is their Hip and Joint Buddy Budder.

Use it just like your old peanut butter to seal a Kong toy, spread on a lick mat, or use instead of a pill pocket to hide your dog’s pills so they’ll enthusiastically take their medicine.

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Hip & Joint

Relaxed Rover

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